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7 Secrets of successful People

Updated: Apr 29

If you want to achieve your goals, you can achieve exactly that - no matter how high the goals are set. The 7 #secrets of successful people are exciting and instructive.

Sometimes it is enough to change a few things in your thinking to increase your success within a short time.

Here you will learn the 7 secrets of successful people and how to implement them.

Lets start with a quote

"Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn to live as if you will live forever" - Mahatma Gandhi

Successful people go through life with a lot of #courage and above all curiosity. In this way, fears are prevented from taking on too high a significance. So the first step is to...

1. Leave the comfort zone

Those who always stay within their comfort zone cannot be successful in the long run. Therefore, try not to always just do the activities and visit the places you already know. Instead, be open to new things and jump over your own shadow. If you manage to deviate from beloved and above all comfortable habits, then you have a real #chance to get ahead in life. Successful people know: If you want to achieve something, you have to be courageous and try out new things, because usually success does not come to you, but you have to work hard to achieve it. It can be quite helpful if you reward yourself after leaving your personal comfort zone. In this way, new ways of thinking manifest themselves in your head. Your subconscious learns to connect unknown things with something positive.

2. Overcome the fear of making mistakes

People make mistakes. And what might be completely new to you even successful people make mistakes. However, there is a big difference when it comes to dealing with mistakes. If you want to #achieve your goals, you don't let a single setback or many smaller ones throw you off track. Mistakes are part of success. It is a part of it. People who are really successful even feel motivated rather than demotivated by a setback. It is also often said that a mistake is a ticket to the #nextlevel. Only those who solve it will get further! Here too, fear paralyses and slows you down. You can have a lot of confidence in yourself and if you don't manage something, don't get discouraged. Some things you might only be able to do on a second or even third try. But that doesn't matter! Take failures as an incentive to become even better next time. That you can learn from mistakes is much more than just a simple saying. Successful people take this old wisdom to heart every day anew. Such people have made many, many mistakes and drawn #valuable conclusions from each one. The only important thing is not to make the same mistake a second time - that is the learning behind it. Successful people #master this very well! I am sure YOU to will make it to that next level!

3. The right circle

Your immediate environment is especially important for you to become and remain successful in the long term. Successful people surround themselves above all with people they can look up to. It is always helpful if your friends or acquaintances have already achieved something in life or have something you would like to have. This can be either something material or a certain character trait. In any case it will motivate you if you have something like a role model in your immediate environment. On the other hand, you should ban from your circle of friends those people who are more likely to harm you and suck your energy than to motivate you. Successful people do not dedicate their #precious time to people who are pessimistic about the future or who are always whining. Instead, they try to get as much positive energy from their counterpart as possible. Take an example of this behavior by choosing your friends according to certain criteria:

Do you feel weak, sad or demotivated after meeting a person? Then they are not good for you and you should reduce or even avoid further contact. Instead, look around for friends who have a positive aura and preferably similar goals as yourself or who have already achieved their #goals.

4. Growth is an absolute must

Those who are satisfied with the #knowledge and experience they already possess are not making any progress today, either professionally or privately. Instead, successful people know that it is not enough to rest on goals already achieved. They prefer to ensure that their own talents are nurtured and this usually only works by taking appropriate measures. So if you have a little free time in between, don't waste this precious time brooding or waiting for the next task, but take massive #action. For example, ask your employer to allow you to take part in a training course. If you are not currently employed, then take care of these activities yourself. Both the money and the investment of time will pay off in the end. Successful people stand out from the crowd by performing well above average. This works best by continuously learning new knowledge. Partners as well as employers or potential customers appreciate it if you, as an #expert in your field, have a really good grasp of your field. But you will only have that if you regularly attend further training and are fully committed to this step towards your goals.

5. Keep your goals always in sight

If you want to achieve a goal, you first have to set yourself concrete goals. In the beginning, one or the other thing may seem unattainable to you. At this point, the trick of successful people is simple: they set themselves smaller milestones, which they work through bit by bit. Use this technique for yourself as well by simply taking the time to focus on your big goal. Think about how realistic it is to reach this goal within a few weeks. You will probably come to the conclusion that this will not be possible. Then ask yourself in which time intervals you would have to make concrete plans to motivate yourself in the long run. For some people, these intervals can be a few days, weeks or even whole months. Determine the appropriate time periods and define concrete #goals that you want to achieve by a fixed deadline. Then work specifically towards each individual stage goal. Don't let your big goal out of sight, but put all your #energy into achieving it. Many successful people create a real battle plan, where dates, intermediate goals and the big final goal are written down and arranged. It also helps many people if they print out pictures for the individual points and use them to create a collage.

Visualize your goals.

You have the goal to buy a new, expensive car one day? Then print out the picture of your dream car and hang it on a prominent point. For example to your mirror in the bathroom, where you pass it several times a day, or to the office or make it a screensaver or wallpaper on your smarphone or pc. From now on, visualize this goal for yourself everyday.

6. Live in the moment

Particularly successful people naturally think about the future - quite clearly. But they also know how important it is to live in the here and now. Firstly, consciously experiencing the moment contributes to more satisfaction and personal #happiness. Secondly, this habit helps you to focus even better on your current tasks. If you live in the past, you slow yourself down anyway. What has happened cannot be reversed. It is much more important that you do everything now to be successful in the long run. The more strength you can put into this one moment, the more effectively you can do important tasks. Not only are you more successful, but you can also be especially efficient. On the other hand, if you waste too much energy planning the future or mourning the past, you are wasting your energy, your talents and your time - everything is precious! On the other hand, if you manage to live in the present, you can focus all your energy and get the best out of every single day. You can't see into the future anyway. So it doesn't make sense to think about the future all the time. But if you put aside your fears of the future and the burdens of the past, you can do everything you can to achieve the best possible results now. There is no better preparation for a great future! Even if it is about making a mistake, you should not constantly burden yourself with thinking about possible consequences. Instead, live in the moment and do everything you can to master this small step as well as possible.

7. The good habits lead to success

People love habits. In order to influence them positively, successful people first of all make themselves aware of which behaviour is influenced by which habits. In order to succeed in this, you have to observe yourself very carefully. Especially negative thought patterns or certain fears have to be recognized before you can take action against them. An example that fits the last tip particularly well: #Success comes when you learn to let go of both the worries of the past and the fear of the future. So if you find yourself wandering your thoughts and not living in the here and now, think up a ritual to get your thoughts back on track. In this way, you can influence your habitual thought patterns and align your behavior even better with your own success. In the end, habits determine our life and thus the achievement of our goals. People who are very successful do not allow negative habits to remain forever. They break the vicious circle by replacing old patterns of behaviour with new patterns. This is only a question of mental strength and training. Success is not something that happens to you overnight. Instead, YOU, like other successful people before you, must do something to achieve your goals.

Stay consistent

If you orientate yourself on the behaviour of successful people, then this may not be a guarantee for success, but it does improve your chances considerably!
The short version: Never let your fears take over, #focus on intermediate goals and get away from people who are hurting you.

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