• Boris B.

Tips for Creating Happiness

Updated: May 1

Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy, you've deserved it.

Our goal in life is to be happy. Some people think that they do not deserve a good life and happiness. To be happy doesn't take much, but it is a personal decision, it doesn't just come by itself or by chance, we have to choose. To be happy and content, you have to realize that thoughts and actions contribute to it and you have to change ways of thinking and acting that stand in the way of happiness.

Here are 10 tips for #happiness and life #improvement

1. Joy

Try to do everywhere and everything with #joy, regardless of whether the circumstances are positive or negative. Start to take pleasure in yourself and open yourself to all the joys that life offers.

2. Games for happiness

Think of the playground where laughter and singing can be heard. Search for joy in your inner circle , family & friends and then involve them in your fun. Wink your eye, compliment them or roll around in the sand with your children... Be ridiciuolus, focus on the game...#Play!

3. Don´t be a drama Queen

Don't make a drama out of everything that happens to you. Don´t pay attention to the bad things & then do not let yourself be pitied. Give yourself beautiful things, fill your own emptiness first. During this time, no bad news in various media that have nothing to do with you. The only way is to stop the drama. Tragedies based on fear cannot make you #happy.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the quiet moments. At first you may feel uncomfortable, but the more often you do this, the better your relationship with yourself will be. The more comfortable you feel with yourself, the less you need, because peace and quiet moments are vital to be #happy.

Accepting oneself is the key to happiness. If you manage to consider all your defects as a gift, you will find it easier to be #happy. Self-acceptance enables a feeling of #happiness that many never achieve. Accept yourself as you are, this is also an important step to love others. If you do not like yourself, how do you want to love other people?

6. No need for confirmation

No one has to approve or judge the things you do or your way. Happiness comes with the search for your passion and inner well-being. If you understand your inner being and know what is good for you, you do not need any outside confirmation. Many people do not live their own lives but the lives of others and so can never experience true happiness.

7. Embrace the pain

If you stop the pain or avoid it, you will not find happiness. All emotions are important and should be in balance. If you suppress one emotion, you block them all and so the situation becomes more difficult and sometimes even depressing. Do not hide from the pain, let it happen.

8. Desserving happiness

Some people want to enjoy #happiness to the full because they think that soon a tragic event will happen again, reminding them of all the misfortune in life. If you are one of those who fear happiness because you think you don't deserve it and have to fight and suffer against Titans before, forget those thoughts. You deserve to be happy as you are now!

9. Be active

Move around, take care of the garden, do gymnastics, something you like and then get your body moving. Joy and happiness are easy to find in sports activities. It is a good moment to get rid of ideas that make you sad or depressed. Create clarity in your thoughts, cleanse yourself from bad thoughts and start to move.

10. Forget the results

By holding on to things and habits or waiting for the happy moment, you cannot achieve happiness yourself. You may feel that your present circumstances dictate the degree of your satisfaction. You feel that you have to reach the goal in order to deserve happiness. But you will never reach the goal if you wait for happiness. Happiness is not the goal, but the path. Stress and disappointments are based on expectations, check how many of them are realistic. Why do you still hold on to those that are not realistic? Let go and just be #happy!


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