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How to Set Your Ultimate Goals

Updated: Apr 29

If you’re not sure what goals you should set and feel overwhelmed by your wishes, you are on the right place! You´l find here a number of ways you can learn to set positive goals for your future.

What are your life goals? One of those questions that can put anyone in an uncomfortable position. Most answer this question by laughing it off and responding with something like "I don´t know, maybe have a drink, chill and watch Netflix." The challenge is, nobody wants to take the time to write down their life goals. People live their to busy lives, and when they do have the time, they'd rather kick it in front of the TV or lay on the couch playing with their phones.

Most people already have a decent idea of what they truly want in life, they just haven't taken the time to write it down. If that's you, great. If you have no idea what you want, that's okay too, I'll walk you through it.

The key is to take massive action to change your circumstances. Begin designing powerful goals to set your aspirations in motion. Once figuring out what you want, create your vision, and committ to your goals.

- Step one:

What do you love to do?

Most people work a job they don’t like.

They invest all their energy into doing the same thing 5 days a week. They feel like they haven’t really done anything better with their time. In fact, this is one of the biggest regrets of those who never pursued ‘something more.’ At the end of your life, you may look back and notice many things you secretly wanted to do, but never did. You may even realize that you never asked for what you desired, never enjoyed a day at work, and never fully did your best. Will this be your regret to?

- Step two:

Brainstorming your life goals

Find a quiet place to sit and work on this small challenge for 5-10 minutes. If you find yourself hitting a roadblock, try to meditate, or perhaps taking a cold shower. Some of my most inspirational thinking has come from my meditation time.

Write down anything and everything that comes to your mind - all of the things you'd like to accomplish and those that sound like fun or exciting to you.There are plenty of life areas you can set life goals in like: career, family, friends, schooling, spirituality, traveling, fun, contribution, finance, health, and many more. These are just examples to inspire you.

Once you have done that, numerize the ones with the highest priority to you. After that focus on the first one that seems easy to you.

- Step three:

Setting goals

The things you come up with during this exercise, by no means, have to be your definitive life goals for the rest of your life. People change every day and so does what's important to them. Just focus on the things that are important to you currently and fullfill them. Set each of your goals with a specific target and a clearly defined outcome. You should be able to visualize what your life will be like when you achieve the goal. Close your eyes and picture it. If it excites you, you are on the right path. If you can´t feel anything move on to the next goal. Narrow that list down to the things you absolutely can´t live without. Those are your life goals. The best way to start checking them off your list is to work on them one at a time.

Let me repeat. One at a time.

- Step four:

Make a success plan

Once your goals are defined, the next step is creating a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Ask yourself these questions:

- How important is this to me?

- What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve that goal?

- What skill do I need to get there?

- Where can I get that skill?

- Who can help me to get there faster?

- What´s the next step in order to get started?

If you've done the exercise correctly and wrote everything down along the way, you'll have a step-by-step plan for exactly what's needed to accomplish your goal. The rest is taking massive action and making it happen. By answering these questions you will get inspired and search for answers.

- Step five

Leave your comfort zone

If you stay in one place, life becomes pretty boring and lacks fulfillment-both physically and mentally. Traveling is one way to get out of the rut and explore more of what’s out there. By traveling, you put yourself in a new environment and see how you react. You learn to become adaptive and grow in countless ways.

Leaving your comfort zone can also mean leaving your job and entering a new field, or ending a relationship in order to get to know yourself as an individual.Take more risks. Go on an adventure without planning. Take a decision quickly and make the most of it.

Set one of these life goals NOW

Don’t leave it for later. You’ve probably done that before and it didn’t turn out well. So, write down your goal now. By doing this you’re increasing the chances of achieving it. Remember to choose just one life goal and focus as much energy as you can into it. If it's something you truly desire, then motivation shouldn't be a challenge.

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