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Gratitude increases success

Updated: Apr 29

Here is a simple tool that will actually bring you success, so practice it!

Scientists have studied the benefits of gratitude to our mental health, which plays a key role in how you do your job. In fact, according to Health Studies, being grateful has been proven to place people in a happier mindset. You know first hand that you work better when you are happier, but in case you needed some supportive data, Fast Company recently found that happier people are 12 percent more productive.

There's one way that gratitude leads to success!

Gratitude Leads to Happiness...and Ultimately, to success in your life and business.

Routinely practicing gratitude helps you experience increased positive emotions including interest, excitement, joy and pride.

Here are the steps to be more grateful

The breathing- gratitude meditation practice


Find a chair in a relatively quiet area and sit actively. Place both feet on the floor, shift your shoulders back, chest up, and hold your neck long and your head high.


By changing your breath, you change your state of being. Practice breath of fire for three minutes. Put your hands on your heart. Feel its power and strength as you breathe into it. Close your eyes and mouth and breathe in and out through your nostrils. Breath of Fire is powered from the Navel Point and solar plexus. To exhale, the air is expelled through the nose, by pressing the Navel Point and solar plexus back toward the spine. This feels automatic if you contract the diaphragm rapidly. Quicken the pace of the inhale and exhale, but keep them equal. There is a quick inhale and quick exhale with no pause between them at the rate of approximately 2-3 cycles per second. When done correctly, your chest will remain relaxed and slightly lifted and your hands, feet, face and abdomen will also be relaxed.


Think of three things you’re really grateful for. They can be from your past, present or future. Step into the first moment and picture it as real as possible. After about a minute, go to the second thing, then onto the next.

Pro tip: Make one of these things simple, like a childrens smile or a time someone said, “thank you” and really meant it. Even on your worst days, you can find something small and meaningful to be grateful for. 1 MINUTE each reference. With the breathing it should take you 6 minutes.

When you prime your mind to experience more positivity, you’ll not only find more fulfillment in the everyday, but you’ll also become more successful.

The quantity, quality, and circulation of the breath creates the foundation of a vital, happy, successful and creative life.

Please Note:

If you feel dizzy, giddy, or light headed, slow down your pace and ensure that both the inhale and exhale are of equal duration. Breath of Fire should not be done by menstruating or pregnant women, or children younger than 16. If you want to feel calmer, balanced and focused NOW- make Breath of Fire an automatic part of your routine, for 40 days, and you’ll see radical shifts in your mind, body and spirit. This practice is on your own risk.

Gratitude increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, which are key neurotransmitters that give you feelings of contentment. If you are grateful more often, the happiness-producing neural pathways strengthen, just as exercise strengthens the body. 

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